Top 6 Women’s Apps You Should Use

Top 6 Women’s Apps You Should Use

Top 6 Women's Apps You Should Use

1. Tasty app: to find the best recipes and prepare the best dishes

Housewives find it difficult to choose the next meal for her and her family. The housewife tries to give her best in order to always make her family happy. It is the mainstay that draws a smile on the faces of her family members. And if, dear reader, you find any difficulties in choosing the next dishes to prepare, the Tasty application will save you from your difficulties.

Tasty is an app with a huge package of recipes, dishes and all kinds of food. It is divided into sections for quick access: desserts, main dishes, salads, side dishes … and its best feature is the ability to suggest recipes to prepare based on what you have at home. In addition, there are video recipes to see how they are prepared and the end result. It’s the perfect app to free you from all the hassles of preparing food and preparing meals and dishes.

2. Nike Training Club app: to take care of your fitness at home

Many women nowadays go to gyms to play sports. This can be a lot of time consuming, prime time consuming in your adventurous day. Sometimes, you may want to do some fitness exercises or yoga moves to correct your posture and cheer up your mood. Maybe early morning, or late night. Are there any helpful apps in this regard?

The best free app available might be the Nike Training Club app from Nike. The application provides a set of series of movements that can be practiced on your own within your home and at any time. The application also chooses the most appropriate movements according to what is required, for example, if you suffer from some back pain, the application will suggest movements to try to treat the problem. It also supports watching videos to imitate them while practicing sports.

3. Clue app: to monitor your health and period dates

Taking care of your health should be your first priority, especially since the physiology of female bodies is very different from that of males. Clue is one such app that helps you monitor your health from the thumb of your finger to your strand of hair.

The most important feature of the application, which makes it intended for females only, is the ability to monitor the menstrual cycle and its dates, and to monitor the dates of the ovaries in females. This is good for the housewife who is trying to conceive so that she can know the most important times for good results. As well as preparing for the next menstruation, and knowing if there are any sexual problems that may occur with a delay in the menstrual cycle.

4. Bring! : To create and prepare purchase lists

Shopping is one of the activities that women love sometimes, and sometimes it is an urgent necessity for the housewife. But getting to the supermarket or the place to shop can cause some confusion for the materials you need. You may forget some of the most important items you should buy. How can this be avoided?

Bring! It is one of the most important applications that I have used personally, and I would recommend it to anyone, both men and women, to use it to record all kinds of items and items that you have to buy on your next shopping trip. The beauty of the application is the reference to a group of materials in the form of icons to facilitate remembering them (for example, entering the phrase Milk will embody it in the form of a milk carton icon for ease of remembering). After purchasing the necessary items, they can be checked from the application to confirm their receipt. It is also possible to create special lists of specific products, for example, if you want to prepare cakes, you can create a list with the name of cakes and enter the items you need. So you can buy it later.

5. Headspace application: to maintain your psychological and mental balance

Let’s be realistic, women go through a lot of hardships every day (as is the man, of course, they both suffer in this miserable life). But some things may not only take up a woman’s time, but her physical and mental health as well. Like raising or educating children, or even ensuring their livelihood by working outside. Shopping for household items, taking care of the husband or family, and all that. In the midst of all this, a woman must take care of her mental health first, then her physical health. And Headspace might be the best app for that.

It is one of the applications chosen for you by Google (Editor Choice) and needed by both women and men alike. The app brings a set of guidelines for how to deal with life’s burdens, and how to find time to maintain mental balance. For example, the app identifies some calm breathing lessons, or quick yoga to restore psychological balance. It also offers some ways to help you get a deep and restful sleep, or how to deal with your children, also manage money, and a lot of other things.

6. Workout for Women App: Exactly as its name indicates

You may feel that this app is biased towards the feminist side, and you may feel insulted (as I did), I mean, what is the point of rating an app for women only if it is a sports app for fitness?

But once you try the application, you will know what is intended primarily for women. That’s because the app lays out simple movements that are more feminine, as well as somewhat feminine sports styles, such as simple yoga moves and aerobic exercises. In addition, the suggested exercises are light, for example, the application tells you to do the X movement for 15 seconds. In other apps, you’ll find that it suggests moving for a minute, for example. In other words, the application takes the feminist element in the first place.

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