the best alternative to YouTube Fansed

the best alternative to YouTube Fansed

the best alternative to YouTube Fansed

The YouTube Vanced team announced months ago that all kinds of updates to the app would be discontinued. The reason, according to their tweet on Twitter, is that they received a message from Google threatening to sue them if it is not stopped. Google has the right to do so, as the application has gained unprecedented popularity, it can be said that it almost matched YouTube itself.

If you haven’t heard of YouTube Vanced, it is an alternative to YouTube with some paid features, such as blocking in-app ads, the ability to listen to videos in the background or after the phone is locked, and a better user experience than YouTube itself. Simply put, everything that YouTube offers you in the YouTube Premium version, YouTube Fanseed can offer you for free. That’s why users started turning to YouTube Vanced instead of using the official YouTube app.

But after canceling support from the application, you will notice that some problems began to appear, such as the absence of some videos and Playlists and problems with use. This may prompt you to search for alternative applications for YouTube Fansed. And one of the best alternatives to it would be PureTuber.

What is the PureTuber app?

PureTuber is a perfect alternative to YouTube Vanced that can completely replace your YouTube usage. All the features that used to be in the YouTube Fansed app, you can take advantage of them again through the PureTuber app, in the same way and with very slight differences.

In our previous article titled: Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives, we mentioned several applications, among which was PureTuber. But we exclude in this article the application alone to explain it to you and all its services.

PureTuber Pros and Features that make it the best YouTube Vanced alternative

Is it really just as professional and powerful? Let the following points answer you:

  • The ability to watch videos when your phone is locked: Like YouTube Fansed, PureTuber offers normal live video viewing, but with the ability to continue playing the video or music even when your smartphone is locked. It is the main feature originally in these applications and alternative services to YouTube.
  • Clean, ad-free in-video viewing: No ads at the beginning or end of the video, or ads while browsing other videos. We are not against YouTube ads, but sometimes they can get annoying especially in some long videos.
  • The possibility of registering with your own account on YouTube: One of the negative aspects of the YouTube Fansid service was that it was somewhat difficult to register your own account. PureTuber offers you to sign in with your account even faster with just a click of a button.
  • Play videos in PiP mode: PiP mode or Picture in Picture, is to play a video on YouTube and then exit to browse other applications and keep the video on the side. Fortunately PureTuber supports this feature.
  • The same interface as YouTube: There is not much difference between the app and YouTube, and it does not give you a bad experience in terms of the interface. In fact, it can be said that it offers a better interface in terms of suggested videos.

Some Cons of PureTuber App

After using the app for a long time, it can be said that one of its worst downsides is the ads. The application has the right to profit through ads, no problem (especially since it blocks Google ads from videos). But the application relies on a different advertising system. Every time you access the application, you will see advertisements that fill the screen, as well as advertisements and suggestions for external videos while browsing the application. Fortunately, there are no ads inside the videos that affect viewing.

How do you get started with PureTuber?

To use PureTuber, just go to the official website, then download the app in APK format to your device. Then install it normally in your smartphone, the system may ask you to activate the feature of installing applications from an unknown source, activate the feature and do not worry, the application is safe.
Then you will access the application and at first find it more like a normal browser, clicking on the YouTube option will turn the application into a complete YouTube platform, and you can use it to watch the content you want in the easiest way.

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