Herbs to gain weight and open the appetite

Herbs to gain weight and open the appetite

Herbs to gain weight and open the appetite

Gaining weight and getting rid of thinness is one of the common problems in our time, and having a slim and harmonious body has become the dream of many, but at the same time many people seek to get rid of the problem of thinness and loss of appetite; This is because it is also a problem that needs to be addressed and is no less dangerous than obesity.

Most studies have proven that this problem leads to making a person more susceptible to many diseases, such as weak immune system, osteoporosis, and fertility problems as well, and some people seek to gain a few kilograms only to get an ideal body and not as a result of suffering from thinness .

Weight gain can be done by following several methods, including relying on herbs that open the appetite, and then cause weight gain as a result of increasing the quantities of food eaten daily. .

Herbs for weight gain and appetite

There is no objection to your use of herbs that help you open your appetite for eating, but within the normal limits of using each type of herbs; This is because excessive use may cause a health problem, and if you suffer from one of the diseases, here are the most prominent herbs that contribute to opening the appetite and gaining weight:

1. Ginseng

Spread in China in abundance, this plant contains vitamin B1, B2, B12, C, and it has a significant role in improving the performance of the digestive system and opening the appetite, and it also causes weight gain without the accumulation of fat in the body, it contributes to the development of muscles and increase the benefit of Nutrients obtained from dietary foods, and can be benefited from by boiling the roots or crushing them and adding a spoonful of the powder to a cup of hot water and then drinking it.

2. Mint

It has a very refreshing aroma that increases your appetite for food as soon as the smell seeps into your nose even before you start eating, and it can be eaten fresh alongside the meal or added to salads.

3. Coriander

It is one of the very important spices that are added to food and is rich in iron, and its use is not limited to as a seasoning; You can even take a spoonful of coriander seed powder with food as well.

4. Fenugreek

Due to its richness in iron, it causes an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood; Therefore, it is one of the effective herbs for gaining weight. It is also rich in vitamin E. It is possible to drink hot soaked seeds or add the oil extracted from them to food, but boiling the seeds with water leads to a decrease in its content of sugars, protein, calcium and magnesium; Therefore, it is preferable not to boil it in order to achieve the greatest benefit from its use.

5. Patience

Aloe vera contains many vitamins, including vitamin A, C, E, B12, and it also contains very bitter substances, but it has an appetizing effect if taken in small quantities.

6. Orchid

This plant contains about 30% starch, protein substances, pentoses and sucrose; This makes it a nutritious drink that gives large amounts of calories, and thus contributes to weight gain, and it is also drunk with milk, nuts and sugar; This increases its benefits and calories gained when drinking it, and it is common to drink it in the winter because it is a hot beverage that contributes to warming the body.

7. Parsley

It is a plant rich in vitamins, the most important of which are vitamin A, C, and rich in mineral salts, the most important of which are potassium, iron and calcium; This makes it very beneficial from a nutritional point of view, in addition to the delicious aroma and taste it adds to food; Therefore, it is also an appetizer, and it is usually added to salads.

8. Ashelia

The inflorescences and green growths of this plant are used by drinking the hot infusion of it; It has an appetizing effect, and it also improves the flavor of other drinks; Therefore, it is added to drinks that are not sweetened with sugar.

9. Oregano

It is used as a spice on many foods; It adds a savory and slightly spicy taste that makes it remarkably appetizing.

10. Marjoram

This plant contains vitamin C in a high proportion, and is used as a spice added to many foods or by drinking its leaves boiled; It helps to improve appetite a lot.

11. Jerusalem hashish

Its fresh leaves can be used as a seasoning in the food industry, and it was used in the past in the manufacture of several drinks, and it has a role in treating anorexia.

12. Saffron

The stigmata of this plant is usually used as it is rich in multi-vitamins, sugars and proteins, and therefore it is very useful for the body and has an appetizing role, and the spices made from it are among the richest spices in the world.

13. Calendula Gardens

The flowers of this plant can be used boiled or soaked in order to open the appetite, and its leaves can be added to salads.

14. Dandelion

This plant contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B2, B3, E, B1, C; Therefore, it can be used as a kind of salad or cooked; It is a nutritious meal for the body, appetizing and delicious as well.

15. Chamomile

The inflorescences of this plant are used boiled or soaked; It helps to open the appetite significantly.

16. Licorice

It is one of the plants that help enhance the body’s immunity against many diseases, and it is also one of the herbs used to gain weight.


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