HappyMod is a store for downloading modded apps

HappyMod is a store for downloading modded apps

HappyMod is a store for downloading modded apps

What store do you use to download Android apps? Sure, the Google Play Store may be your first choice, but unfortunately it is very weak, full of lousy and bad applications and annoying control options. Your second option may be one of the alternative stores to the Google Play Store that brings applications that are able to offer a lot, and applications that were originally deleted from the Google Play Store. However, today we suggest you HappyMod App Store to download modded apps.

What are modified applications?

Before we dive into the HappyMod app, we must explain the modified apps first. Modded applications, or Modded Apps, are the same applications that you know or use daily, except that they have been modified by developers / company sometimes to bring and correct features inside them or add new things by developers. And developers who modified it can either launch it with the same name but with the addition of a modified phrase (for example, Modded Twitter / Modded Whatsapp) or launch it with a different name but close to the original name (for example, GBWhatsapp as a modified application for WhatsApp).

HappyMod app definition and its uses

HappyMod is a store that includes various popular mobile games in modified form for download. The application explains to you the things that are now openly available in the presented video game. For example, it tells you that this game is now available without ads, or Unlocked meaning that all missions, characters, and content are already unlocked. Thus, you can see what you will get for downloading and installing this game.

The store does not offer many modified applications though, in fact they do not exist, and it focuses more on mobile games in particular, which are the most prevalent in the HappyMod store.
The most prominent features of the HappyMod application that may prompt you to use it

Play mobile games without annoying ads

How many times have you given up playing video games in your smartphone just because every two minutes an annoying ad pops up for you. You can search for your favorite game in the HappyMod store, and then download it directly from the store. Because it’s modified, you’ll get rid of the annoying ads that pop up all the time, and you’ll be able to experience the game without any hiccups.

Many modifications to the games … such as making online games available to play offline

When we talk about Mod Apps, the creativity is unlimited for developers and mods, and they are able to make games perfect by solving their flaws for the user. One of the most disadvantages that haunt most modern games, is that it can only be played online, or after connecting to the Internet, even if it is only to experience the game against the bots. Therefore, you will find a group of popular games such as PUBG or Free Fire available to play offline in mod games, but of course the play will be against Bots.

Cancellation of the principle of IAP or Pay 2 Win

IAP is short for In App Purchase, which is the in-game purchase options in which by paying real money you can purchase skins, weapons, or gear related to the game. Which is sometimes more powerful than the free equipment, which is called Pay 2 Win, that is, buy paid content to make the game easier and outperform the rest of the players. Mod games bring this idea to rest completely by making all the paid content available completely for free.

Enjoy the games the way you want after unlocking missions

There are some video games on mobile that you only enjoy playing after reaching advanced stages in the game. Like games that become more fun when you have a large number of weapons, or cars for the previous games, or even endless money in Tyconn and building games. Many may enjoy the experience of playing the game from the beginning, achieving in-game achievements and unlocking those features. But another category prefers to play the game directly with all the features unlocked. So you can download it now in modified form with HappyMod app.

The best. Play paid games for free

One of the most important and best features is that you can access a bunch of popular paid games for free to try. Like Minecraft, for example, or the GTA series on mobile. It is originally paid, and you prefer to buy it from the Google Play Store, no problem with that. But through the HappyMod app, you can download these games for free and at a modified rate.

Disadvantages of HappyMod app may make you not use it

We don’t try to burnish the reputation of this app, its developers didn’t pay us to promote it. Therefore, there are some negative aspects related to the application, which can be summarized in the following points:
Limited Games and Rare Updates: One of the worst problems with HappyMod is that its games are limited, especially when new and popular games are released for mobile (eg PUBG New State). It also takes months to add one or two games to the store.
Some games do not run well: This is to be expected in modified games, after modification, some aspects of it are affected by modification, and become full of bugs and technical problems.
These are the most prominent problems that you may encounter while using HappyMod app.

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