Distinctive applications for phones that support the Always on Display feature

Distinctive applications for phones that support the Always on Display feature

Distinctive applications for phones that support the Always on Display feature

Always On Display technology (which we will symbolize throughout this article as AOD) is one of the technologies that have increased smartphones’ aesthetics and impact, and adds a professional touch to the smartphone. Apple recently added this feature in the upcoming iPhone 14, knowing that it has been around for almost a decade in Android phones. But Apple reminded us that we have to put up an article about special applications that benefit AOD users. Despite its availability in smart phones, only a few users extract its full potential, and their traditional use of it remains only in displaying the clock and time.

Above all. What is Alwyas On Display?

Always On Display is a technology that was first introduced in 2010 by Nokia for its phones previously. Then many companies later adopted it, the most important of which was Samsung. In order to integrate AOD into a smartphone, it generally has to have an OLED screen. Through the AOD, you can show various basic information about the phone without having to click on it, so that it always remains visible even if the phone is in sleep mode. Such as notifications, time, today’s date and even the calendar or agenda.

Always On: Edge Music Lighting App

Its former name is Muviz Edge, and it is an app that I have personally used for a long time, and I consider it one of the best apps that any AOD phone user should have.
The application has many services related to AOD, but I will mention the two most important ones, and you can explore the rest on your own. The first is that it allows you to have many elements with more professional designs to add on the screen in the form of AOD, such as showing the time in a professional way, the calendar, notifications, and other elements.
The second technology, which is the best for me, is that it adds an effect to the screen sideways (while using the phone or completely while the phone is idle) while playing music or audio. Lots of effects can be chosen to use, whether it’s circles, stripes, or even full lighting on the edges of the screen. This app adds a nice touch by integrating its many technologies with AOD.

True Amps: Battery Companion App

It not only supports phones with AMOLED / OLED screen but also other screens. But it looks more professional and neat on this line of phones. True Amps: Battery Companion is an app that can only be used while the smartphone is charging. So that it provides a distinctive animation of the form of charging the battery. With the animation, you can add a lot of different settings such as showing the time or days of the week, notifications and other additions. It doesn’t really offer much benefit, but it’s worth using if you’re obsessed with Always On Display.

aodNotify app

Once installed and configured, aodNotify allows you to turn your smartphone’s front camera into an icon to show notifications. Whenever you receive a notification, the front camera perimeter will light up with a slight illumination to notify you that you have received a notification on the smartphone. The application is very special and does not consume any battery, but it has some negatives that made me (personally) give it up after a period of use. You simply cannot adjust the frame colors on the camera. To do this, you must request the paid version, which adds the feature to specify the color of the frame according to the application (for example, if the WhatsApp notification is green). Paying for a feature like this sounded a little cliched to me, but if you want to pay for it, the app will absolutely blow you away.

NotifyBuddy app

It is a bit similar to the previous app aodNotify with a few differences here and there. First, this application supports showing notifications in the form of icons on the screen with the Always on Display technology. When you receive a notification in WhatsApp, for example, you will see the WhatsApp icon on the black screen. You can also manipulate a lot of the colors of these icons to make them look good.
To further enhance the look and feel of your notifications and icons with Always on Display technology, this app can give them a nice touch. Its customizations are many and you can play around with them until you find what suits you, from the shape of the icons to the colors.

Custom AOD app

AOD technology doesn’t have to be just a black screen, in the Always On: Edge Music Lighting app (first in the list) there is an option to customize the background or background to show it instead of the black screen. Again, don’t worry it doesn’t drain your battery. And if you are looking for more customizations, or even create your own background or image to add as a wallpaper for your Always on Display screen, you can use the Custom AOD app.

This application provides a set of tools to create your own image and background, to be installed in the end as a wallpaper for the Always on Display screen. Logos, some widgets, GIFs, clock, and more can be customized.

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