Bring complete professionalism to your Instagram account with Preview App

Bring complete professionalism to your Instagram account with Preview App

Bring complete professionalism to your Instagram account with Preview App

In the latest statistics of the Sensor Tower platform, TikTok application ranked first as the most downloaded application in the first quarter of 2022, followed by Instagram in second place. Instagram is currently the most important of all Meta services, which still enjoys some popularity and global use. While Facebook and even WhatsApp are both in the abyss.

Creating, strengthening and improving an Instagram account may be stressful in reality, even if the platform itself provides you with unlimited services to help you develop your account. However, some services are provided to you only by other external applications, the most famous and even the best of which may be the Preview application.

An overview of the Preview app

Preview is a multi-service app for Instagram users. The application is very popular, with more than 100,000 5-star ratings, and almost a million downloads worldwide. It is a safe and reliable application on your Instagram account (we mentioned this point because the application will need to access your Instagram account to start using it). The application is characterized by an easy-to-use interface, and technical features within the application that make it one of the most important applications that you must have in your smartphone if you use Instagram or are an influencer on this platform. We would like to point out here that this article is not an advertisement or advertisement for the application, and everything we tell you in this article stems from a complete experience of using the application.

What services does the Preview application offer you?

Its various services may push it to be one of the necessary applications in your phone if you use Instagram, which are:

  • Scheduling posts: We know this is now available on Instagram, but for some more customization in scheduling, Preview offers an easier interface for scheduling posts now.
  • Post position adjustment feature: It is almost the basic and most important service in the Preview application. In your own account, posts are categorized by the date they were published, and sometimes you may not like it. Through Preview, you can modify the way posts appear on the profile page in an easy way, just by dragging and dropping images to place them the way you want.
  • Unlimited posting options for free: You can post up to hundreds of photos via the app. And schedule hundreds of posts as you like to be published in the near and far future. You can even configure your Instagram account to post daily for just months in one day.
  • Support scheduling even stories and stories: scheduling is not limited to posts, but also stories and stories, but also adding links in stories to be scheduled at appropriate times.
  • Control the entire videos before publishing: from choosing the cover image to merging the video with photos or even publishing a slider consisting of videos and photos together. Lots of features are available in this app.
  • Republish the posts of others on your account: or Regram, so that you can browse the Instagram application, and if you like any post, you can republish it directly to your account with ease without downloading and re-uploading it.

Preview app provides you with video editing and photo optimization services

A complete library of filters and add-ons in order to better enhance your photos before publishing them directly on Instagram and add a lot of modifications to them, such as cropping photos, adding writing or improving and correcting colors. It’s not just about photos, but even videos. You can subject your visual content to an extensive editing process before publishing or scheduling it via the Preview app. The app offers more than 70 different filters and photo makeovers to get the best quality.
Among the photo editing techniques offered by the application as well, is the ability to cut large photos into pieces in the form of multiple photos, and in this way, when you post them to your account, the huge photo will be formed and formed by the multiple small photos. Lots of Instagram accounts have been famous for doing the same, and now you can do it too.

An integrated, highly intelligent hashtag system provided by the application

Hashtags (#Hashtags) are one of the tools that make it easier for users to explore your content. By including hashtags that have real value and have global followers (because in Instagram the user can follow a specific hashtag). Preview application provides a smart and cunning system in managing and dealing with hashtags in general. First, he can extract popular secondary hashtags from one hashtag, or he can, after studying your account, suggest suitable hashtags.
The application includes what is called Hashtag Grouping, which is the grouping of hashtags under a specific section for use on demand. For example, compilation of hashtags for gaming and hashtags for mobile. When you publish a post about gaming, just select the group to copy all the hashtags on the post.

View and improve your account stats and the most interactive posts

We do not doubt that Instagram does not provide good statistics for your account, but rather provides good statistics. But if you’re craving more stats, Preview provides additional information about your account.

Find out the most interactive hashtags on your account that bring you views and followers. See the most active posts on your account as well, and even know the interaction rates with your account and your posts, to know what time of the day is optimal for publishing posts on your Instagram account.

Is Preview a secure app? How do I start using it?

The app will need to access almost all of your account credentials (except for the password, email and phone number or change it) and this may make some people unsure about using the app. The application is very popular, safe for users, and affects or puts your account at risk, and the application and its services are hosted on the most famous media platforms, so the application is considered safe in terms of use.

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