Best apps to learn programming from a smartphone

Best apps to learn programming from a smartphone

Best apps to learn programming from a smartphone

You should not let anything stop you from learning any technology online, especially programming. Programming is one of the important technologies for anyone at the present time in order to understand technology and the way it works, especially since today’s reliance on digital devices has become greater than before. You may take not having a computer as a reason for not learning to code, but we can reassure you, and tell you that a smartphone alone can do the job.

Enki App – Android and iOS – Free with Paid Features

Enki is a free app available for Android and iOS, with some paid features within the app. The application aims to teach most modern technologies in the field of programming, and formative courses in other technical fields such as data science and artificial intelligence. The application introduces you to the latest programming languages, and a complete course to learn all the basics from the beginning. Instead of choosing a programming language, you can choose a specific software course, such as back-end development or data science, and follow the course provided.

One of the advantages of the application is that it comes with a built-in code editor that gives you the opportunity to test the code and run it directly as training for the programming languages ​​you are currently learning. We also add, that through the official website, you can learn techniques other than software techniques, such as learning database management, or using software such as Sheets / Excel and others.

Codecademy Go – Free Android and iOS App with Paid Features

Codecademy is a miniature version of Codecademy’s platform for interactive learning of programming languages ​​and technologies in general. Through the CodeCademy application, you will be able to learn any of the programming techniques available in the application. The application brings different educational techniques, the first of which is that it offers you interactive educational information in the programming language. Once you choose the technical field / programming language that you want to learn, pages will appear that teach you the basics you need in the field. Then next, the possibility to practice programming directly using the editor that the application brings. There are also learning goals that you must achieve in order to ensure your mastery of the programming language through the application.

There are some paid features in the app that limit its capabilities, and there’s nothing wrong with that. On top of that, some techniques are incomplete, that is, you are offered only 4 or 5 lessons, and then you have to pay by completing the lessons and exams. In general, a good application, and worth a try, especially since it is affiliated with the famous CodeCademy platform.

Encode: Learn to Code – Android & iOS Free App with Paid Plans

Encode is another application that invites you to learn and acquire a range of programming languages ​​through self-learning, practice and experience. The application does not support all the available programming languages, but it does support a large number of them, and the most widely used also in the programming environment, which is the most important. One of the highlights of the app will undoubtedly be its clean, smooth and easy-to-use interface. Which divides the sections of the application in a way that makes it easier for the user to browse and experience it. The application includes a simple code editor to try the code through. It also provides Quizz or questions every time you finish a specific piece of code, to solidify the information.

One of the disadvantages of the application is that it is limited in the free version, in order to get more services, you must get the full version of the application by purchasing it (Full Plan), which is rather cheap, about $5. So if you like the application and find the desired benefit, do not hesitate to get the paid version.

Memo App – Available for Android and iOS Free with Paid Plans

Until not so long ago, Memo was one of the best apps for learning programming through a smartphone and it still is, even with strong competitors. The application brings suggestions for many different programming languages ​​​​to learn through it, especially the most popular such as Java, Python, JavaScript, and more. It shines with its simple interface in terms of handling as well, and it organizes all the sections of the application. Memo also comes with a built-in code editor for you to try and run various codes on it.

SoloLearn App – Available for Android and iOS for Free

It is considered the most popular application in recent years for learning programming and development through it. The SoloLearn application is distinguished by having a wide range of programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Ruby, PHP and more. The application offers 3 systems for learning programming, the first of which is providing sequential lessons and explanations about a programming language from the introductory, through functions, conditions, and iterative loops, and ending with advanced concepts in the programming language. As for the second section, it is the questions or QUIZZ that test your abilities in what you have learned previously by asking questions with choices that you have to answer. Then finally, a good and convenient code editor to start coding in, and see the result of your code.

Grasshopper app – available for Android and iOS for free

Grasshopper is a Google app that puts in your hands the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of programming properly. The application includes lessons and explanations for the basics of programming instead of learning specific programming languages. For example, it explains the basics of the If Statement, the basics of OOP, the principles of Loops, etc., and does not necessarily teach you the programming language or JavaScript. Grasshopper comes with a lot of other features such as trying to solve puzzles or coding puzzles that aim to enhance your ability to solve software problems. Then a real time code editor to implement everything you learned right on the app.

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