A suite of paid Android and iOS apps is now available for free

A suite of paid Android and iOS apps is now available for free

A suite of paid Android and iOS apps is now available for free

We know how much you benefit dear follower from this article, and how it provides you with a set of very special applications that are originally paid. Applications are the main engine for smartphones of all kinds, and the user always aspires to search for the best applications to add to his phone, but the best of them are always paid in the first place. But it is available from time to time for free, which is an opportunity that should not be missed.

This article is one of those opportunities that allow you to get paid applications completely free of charge, and not just any applications, but the best applications are chosen for you, dear reader.

The best Android apps available for free for a limited time

Tracker Detect Pro for AirTag (Original $3.99)

It’s not just iOS users who can track Airtag devices, in fact this app is completely different. It not only tracks your Airtag, it scans the area near you, then displays all the Airtags near you, and even tracks them to find them. It may be used in a negative way by some users, but it remains an effective app for tracking your Airtags.

Photo Motion App (Original $2.99)

Bring your photos to life with Photo Motion. What this app does exactly, is add an image to the app and then add animation effects to it. For example, you can add your own photo, and then add a rain or snow effect to it almost realistically. There are a lot of different effects, filters, and plugins in the app that you can generally add.

Return Dislike Button (Original $0.99)

Simple application, and from its name you can specify the purpose of the application. This app is able to retrieve the dislike counter in the official YouTube app. Technically, you can retrieve it through alternative applications to the YouTube application such as YouTube Vanced. But if you want to keep using the official YouTube app, and at the same time know your dislikes counter, then this app is for you.

Maple app: live wallpaper (original price $1.49)

Bring your phone wallpapers to life with the Maple app. The application allows you to choose animated images from among the dozens of images in the application, and then use them as a background for your smartphone. The only difference is that these images are animated, and they have special animations as well. The only drawback of the application is that the available images are images of nature only, and it would have been better if there were different and varied symbols and images.

GPS Speed ​​Pro (original price $0.99)

An application that you may not need that hard, but it must be presented here as long as it is available free of charge for a limited time. The application monitors your movement via GPS and generates reports, whether live or reports, by collecting all the previous information. For example, if you’re driving, you can activate the app to tell you the speed you’re driving, the distance to your target, and other related features.

GFX Tool Pro (Original $18.99)

Wow, its price is really high in its paid version, and it would be a real treasure if you could get it now for free of course. The application allows you to adjust the graphics options in your smartphone according to the video games you play, such as paying some games to extract all your graphics capabilities, or adjusting the playing rates of other games that may consume power on your device, and more.

Paid apps are available for free for iOS

After we finished the Android system, it was the turn of our iOS friends to take advantage of some free applications as well, which we categorized as follows.

Learn English Sentence Master App (Price $1.99)

It is a simple application in terms of form, rich in terms of services. If you are thinking of learning English, this application may help you with that. The app displays a set of phrases and words in English languages ​​and asks you to rewrite, form, organize and more in order to enhance your English language abilities.

cRate Pro app (original price $1.99)

It is an application that specializes in converting between the values ​​and prices of currencies and exchange live and depends on the current pricing of currencies. So that you can convert between the dollar, the euro, the riyal and other currencies live. And find out the current prices of any currency compared to another currency. You can even get a complete history of the currency’s performance in recent times to see if the currency has increased in price or not.

Display Mirror (original $3.99)

If you want to watch movies, videos, photos, or any type of content on your computer or TV screen, and stream content from your iPhone, this application helps you do that for free now. Most of the apps of this category are limited, or slow to work, but since this app is now available for free and is originally paid, you will get all of its paid services.


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