7 Apps You Need in your Smart TVs

7 Apps You Need in your Smart TVs

7 Apps You Need in your Smart TVs

The Android system is no longer limited to smartphones, but other devices, such as wearable devices and smart TV screens, have taken over the world. Whether you have a smart TV screen (Smart Watch) or a TV Box to turn it into a smart screen, it is no secret that the world of the latter is full of distinctive applications. Applications using a smartphone may not be significant, but on TV it is different.

As I browse through the apps and stores on my smart screen, it occurred to me to show you a bunch of apps that I used and benefited from. What I like about these apps should be made public and leaked to everyone, so that everyone can have the same experience that I had using these apps. So, enough of us recently, let’s explore 10 applications that you will undoubtedly need in smart screens or Smart TV.

1. Aptoid TV Store

Not all TV screens support the Google Play Store (as well as the TV Box) and I would like to assure you and tell you that the Google Play Store is not good at all on TV screens. It is better to replace it with another application, the best of all and by experience is Aptoid TV.

The Aptoid Store is a popular store with many apps, but the Aptoid TV version is even better. First, it is designed to fit the TV screen. Its interface is easy to navigate, and it prioritizes the apps you need on your screen, like YouTube TV or Twitch TV, and media players like MX Player. It even supports video games if you are interested in it.

2. ES File Explorer App

You can install it from Aptoid TV by the way. In my opinion, it is the best application for browsing TV content easily. You may connect a USB flash drive or even an external hard drive, and for easy browsing, the best app to do that is ES File Explorer.

Our choice of this application is not random, its interface on TV is different, and it allows better access and more control over the content, unlike file browsing applications, or even file browsing system in your smart TV system. One of its best advantages is to open all file formats without the need for intermediary services, and believe me in a smart TV, the worst thing you may face is your inability to read a file in the form of an image or video only because the format is not supported.

3. VLC Media App

It does not need much explanation, as the application on computers and Android phones is one of the best programs to read all video formats, and watch videos with better control. The media player in VLC Media is saturated with additional options in the media player. Such as speeding up the video or activating automatic subtitles, and moving between media content in a specific file in internal or external storage. On a smart TV, VLC Media obeys the commands of the control button, such as pause and play, and even if they are simple, many applications do not interact with these buttons. Don’t forget that VLC Media is very light, doesn’t take up a lot of device space, and offers you all the features you need in a media player on your TV screen.

4. Stremio  App

Stremio is an app that you’ll also find in the Aptoide Store, which you won’t find in any other store. Or you have to download it from an external store. If you are looking for an application to watch free content such as movies, series, anime, and even the latest ones, with Arabic subtitles and on the smart TV screen, then you will want to install this application.

Stremio is a free on-demand streaming app. Once installed, it will ask you to install some addons, which opens the door for it to fetch Stream links for any content. Then you will see a large list of all the movies, series, and anime, sorted by most recent. The search feature is available to quickly find the movie or series you are looking for. After you choose the content, the app will fetch the viewing links, click on the most suitable one (depending on quality, encoding and subtitles), open it in the media player, and enjoy the free watching… Who needs Netflix when you have this app!

5. Tubi TV App

The application is available on various stores, including Google Play Store, Aptoide, and even other smart TV stores. It is a free program to watch movies and series as well. Yes, a free service to watch movies and series, legally, and available on the Google Play Store … Do not be surprised!

One of the problems with Tubi TV is that the content offered is very limited, ie mostly rare movies and series, and sometimes just episodes of American or Canadian shows. But we found a unique trick that helps you find great movies and series, and we presented it in a previous article entitled: The Best Netflix Alternatives for 2022.

6. Plex App

Personally, I have been using the Plex platform for a long time, with the purpose of streaming content from a computer to a smartphone or vice versa, and also discovering new content to watch all the time. But Plex is more useful if it is available on a smart TV screen.

The Plex platform is a platform with different services, the most important of which is providing free episodes, movies and programs to watch, even if they are old or not translated and the Arab user may not want them, but it remains interesting to watch. But that’s not the feature we want to show you the Plex app for.

7. Puffin TV App

We suggest you Puffin TV Browser, a browser with an interface that fits your TV screen, with the best platforms to visit. It has a special feature which is the creation of bookmarks for the best sites. Another feature that blocks pop-ups and ads while browsing. In general, the browser is more ideal to be used on the TV screen than any other browser.

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