3 questions to ask yourself if you are trying to lose weight

3 questions to ask yourself if you are trying to lose weight

3 questions to ask yourself if you are trying to lose weight

I often hear about feelings of shame, frustration, guilt, anger, hate and resentment, and sometimes I feel deep despair in my kind and compassionate patients, because they consider food their enemy, and I understand all of these feelings, I lived that too, and I must say that it is a very bad feeling, but today I will ask you to lighten your mind and willingness to change your perspective on things; Because I am going to tell you something different from everything you have been told before, and advise you to stick to it, this way of thinking that I am going to show you has made a radical change in my life, and I hope it will be for you too.

The first question: How did I feel at that time?

Be realistic and honest with yourself, dig deep into your true feelings, and then take responsibility for them as soon as you discover them. Even if you don’t like them, they may be frightening or shameful feelings; We often feel afraid of our feelings and feelings along with our belief that we are supernatural, and refuse to admit that we are normal human beings prone to breaking, but putting our feelings aside only contributes to our feeling of falseness and a disconnection with ourselves and those around us.
So; I advise you to connect with others, express your feelings, reveal what is going on inside you to the most important people in your life, and allow yourself to feel those feelings honestly and not run away from them, and I fully understand your feeling of shame at this stage, but to admit our weakness and reveal the truth of the feelings inside us is the only way To get rid of this shyness; Therefore, disclose your truth in words or in writing, even if it is only for yourself.

It is wonderful what happens when we take responsibility for our feelings and begin to feel them, and when we share the spiritual answers we get with the people around us; Connections and means of communication with ourselves and others deepen instantly, and this allows us to naturally detect and treat these feelings rather than ignore them. There is a fundamental difference between the two conditions.

I’m going to tell you two of my favorite quotes that help ease my feelings. The first is from Jamaican guru Mooji; He says: “Emotions are visitors to our souls only, so let them come and go as they go.” And secondly, to the American poet Robert Frost, he says: “The best way to get rid of any predicament or problem is by facing it.”

Question 2: What do I need most in my life right now?

It is a question that I address to all of my clients at some point in their treatment, and it is a valid question as you allow yourself to enter into your depths and reveal the spiritual answers that you already know; This is because the best teacher for yourselves is you.

When you find yourself suffering from sadness, depression or fear, or you change your routine eating habits, taking advantage of food as something you cling to for fear of being drawn into your feelings and drowning in them, you should ask yourself what your soul needs, and not about the material needs that you lack in life in general, such as possession A slim body, or the latest fashion clothes.

So, more contact with yourself and others and your feeling of joy and happiness are the things that give you a sense of security when you feel helpless and tired; So you have to dig deeper to discover the true answers within your soul, and ask yourselves what feelings you would like to experience.

Question 3: How will I get what I need now that I know it?

When you get to the point of asking yourself this question you will have some fun and be able to have a little fun with your dreams, design what you desire and let your imagination run wild; So let yourselves enjoy it; Because at this point you will know what to do to help yourselves feel the feelings you desire; We have to take ownership and do what needs to be done to get what we want.

If you want to live a more social life, perhaps join a yoga class, book club, or hiking group together, and if you are craving for fun, you can start to lighten your responsibilities.

This allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, do the activities you love, or take long periods of rest that helps you find peace within yourself. years, or you can start doing a new type of exercise that works for you right now.

So, no one will be able to change you or your life, but the responsibility for that lies with you alone, and I guarantee you 1000% that you will be able to do that if you implement what we talked about earlier; So stop delusion that you can’t do it, start writing a new story for your life, and enjoy the amazing changes.

in conclusion

I want those of you who have an eating disorder to know first and foremost that they are not alone, and none of us are perfect; So the next time you feel ashamed, frustrated, angry, or guilty about the way you eat, I want you to stop torturing yourself and use those three questions we talked about to find out why you’re doing it, watch yourself and use that to change the way you live and create a healthy relationship Fantastic and full of confidence with food, once you read the above, you are starting to change.



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