10 Weight Loss Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Weight Loss Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Weight Loss Secrets You've Never Heard Of

You must have heard of all the methods that reduce weight, and tried most of them without any success in losing your weight, but with that, we will present in the following some of the methods that have helped people since 1986 to lose weight without following a diet, perhaps it is better to look at it:

1. Eat proteins as soon as possible after getting up in the morning

Chewing food re-ignites the body’s metabolism every day; Metabolism determines the rate at which your body burns calories, and chewing proteins prompts the initiation of metabolism by steroids. So it’s great to start your day with a protein shake in the morning. Meat, fish, cheese, eggs and nuts are the best sources of protein.

2. Avoid eating five meals in the morning

In the morning you should avoid eating sugar, starches, carbohydrates, fruits (only in the morning) and coffee; This does not mean depriving you of coffee at all, but you should take a bite of proteins before you start with your morning coffee; That’s because these five foods and drinks we talked about cause a spike followed by a spike in blood sugar that lasts throughout the day, so you’ll never be able to succeed in losing weight until you can better control your blood sugar level.

3. Avoid eating white foods at lunch

We should avoid eating bread, chips, french fries and pasta in lunch; That’s because they make us feel sleepy, and because we all go low on carbs between 2 and 5 pm every day and feel naturally tired at this time, including these white foods in our lunch makes us feel very tired.

4. Stop Eating Complex Sugars

Complex sugars are found in sweets, baked goods and ice cream, and we don’t have to worry about simple sugars in ketchup or apples and the like, they don’t pose a problem for weight loss, and if you’re having a hard time cutting out complex sugars, look for online lessons that teach you How to reduce your appetite for it and tell you its harm, and then you will find it has completely disappeared from your mind.

5. Drink a sip of grape juice before dinner every evening

Grape juice is very sweet and fat when eating a full glass of it, so we advise you to drink a very small glass of it, 28-29 milliliters before dinner, and you will find yourself consuming much less food, because the sugar in fruits makes you feel full and full before you start Even eating.

During the day, you should avoid drinking grape juice; This is because it will make you feel full and prevent you from supplying your body with energy when you need it during the day through other foods, while you do not need to supply much energy during the evening, after you have finished your daily duties and are close to bedtime.

6. Divide your current weight in half to find out your daily need for water and protein

When you divide your current weight in half, you will realize how many liters of water and how many grams of protein your body needs, and after knowing the necessary quantities, make sure to supply your body with exactly what it needs of water and protein for only two days at first; You will notice that you have more energy and your appetite will decrease significantly, which will motivate you to continue this way.

7. Eat 25 grams of dietary fiber a day

You can get the necessary fiber for the body from fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts; These foods contain raw organic fiber, and you should avoid getting them from fatty or salty foods.

When you feel your bowel movements for 20-30 minutes after each meal, you can make sure that you get adequate amounts of fiber and water necessary for your body. It is very important to drink enough water when you increase the fiber intake in your meals. Excess fiber can get stuck in the small or large intestine, causing many problems if you do not drink enough water.

8. Avoid eating bread, rolls and tortilla chips before dinner, especially in restaurants

Bread and other foods prevent you from eating your entire dinner without you even noticing.

9. Replace chocolate with healthy products

Some healthy products are made from natural cocoa and fruit juice and are very tasty, and they will not lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar, causing you to feel hungry and want to eat more food as chocolate does. You can use healthy butter instead of butter or margarine; They contain less than half the calories of butter and margarine, and are very tasty.

10. Follow the old adage “eat slowly”

You can do this, or you can simply take deep breaths while eating; This will make the food taste better and automatically slow down the pace of your eating. Then, when you eat your meal more slowly, you will notice that you are full in less time, and therefore you will stop eating.

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