Incredibly Intricate Cardboard Columns Are the World’s Most Complex Architecture
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We're big fans of cardboard architecture, but in most cases, the material yields structures that are boxy and rather simplistic. That's why we were blown away when we spotted these incredibly intricate cardboard columns by Michael Hansmeyer, which FastcoDesign actually dubbed as the most complex architecture in the world. The dizzying Doric column variations are created on Hansmeyer's computer using a subdivision algorithm that allows them to have between 8 and 16 million facets (distinct surfaces). They're so insanely detailed that most people - including us - mistake the actual physical prototypes for computer renderings!
Complex Architecture
New Species Discovered in Papua New Guinea
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When it comes to finding fascinating species previously unknown to science, it turns out that forests of Papua New Guinea are a darn good place to look. Researchers have recently disclosed their discoveries from a two-month long expedition to the country last year, in which they happened upon over two hundred species never before recorded -- like the tube-nosed fruit bat pictured above. Strangely familiar he is, though from where I know not.

According to a report from Huliq, the expedition was undertaken over the course of two months in 2009 by the Conservation International Rapid Assessment Program -- a group that aims to explore for unique life in some of the world's most remote regions. Traveling through the forests of Papua New Guinea, two teams of researchers managed to find dozens of new frog species, nine new plants, two new mammals, and nearly 100 new insects.
New Species
Amazing, Odd and Unusual Fruits
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Amazing, Odd and Unusual Fruits
Fruits: they’re delicious foods, superb anti-oxidants and if you’re a Monty Python fan, formidable weapons. They’re also available in many more varieties than ever before, some of them decidedly odd. Are you up for some strange fruit? Here are a dozen, ripe for the picking.
Worlds most expensive Aquarium comes with a piece of real T-REX bone
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Fish is considered to be the perfect pet by many. The least demanding of the rest of the pet options definitely deserves the most exclusive habitat. And that’s the reason why Aqua-vista UK of London have called upon Stuart Hughes to shape up the rarest, most exclusive and the most expensive Aquarium. Priced at £3 million ($4.8 million), Aqua-vista Dinosaur Gold is shaped out of 68 kg of 24ct solid gold. Its exclusivity is elevated by fitting it with two side veneers chiseled out of mammoth tusk. A part of the past is integrated in to it in the form of a unique piece of Dinosaur bone from the T-REX. It is diagonally shaved into the tusk. Wow, fortunate are the fishes who will reside in this bejeweled aquarium titivated with real dino trimmings. Well designed to save up space, the Aqua-vista Aquarium boasts of low maintenance, easy installation, high-tech system and an Eco-friendly feature too. Only three such Midas-Dino-touched aquariums will be commissioned to maintain its uniqueness, so rush to book one for your aqua-pet now.
Worlds most expensive aquarium
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